A Donegal Love Story



Donegal Love Story Celebrating Central Hotel Wedding Love Stories Over The Past 50 Years

Donegal Love Story

Marketing for Evelyn Mc Marketing begins with a great story.

Then the actual telling of that story, while adding in some creativity and magic. Being brave is important too in marketing in knowing everyone will see what you do and that you have confidence in what you create.

Even if others don’t value it, maybe even scoff at your ideas (!), YOU know the story deserves to be told and can fit into a marketing campaign or even that you can create a marketing campaign around it.

Today I am telling a personal story, I have created a marketing campaign around that story and I believe that many others just like me will benefit from looking back and reliving old memories.

Over thirty years ago my husband and I got married in The Central Hotel Donegal town, both of us being from the county, we choose The Central as the location to welcome our family and friends  to join us, begin our future life together.


Evelyn Mc Marketing a Central Hotel bride over 30 years ago

Through my recent years in marketing and promotion, I knew that the idea of reaching out to this group of married couples would be a very unique campaign.

There were many couples just like us who got married over the years and who would like to relive the occasion, return to celebrate with family and friends and so I approached Elaine McInaw the Marketing Manager of the hotel and told her about #DonegalLoveStory a new brand that Evelyn Mc Marketing had created.

I had met Elaine through Donegal Women in Business Network.

Initially this brand will be used as a campaign with the Central Hotel and for related services and products in the wedding industry, but in the future who knows! It could tell the great love stories of all couples in Donegal or love of county or culture or those who live on foreign shores that want to return to the home of their birth. Their own #DonegalLoveStory

Donegal Love Story Twitter

Donegal Love Story Facebook


A Donegal Love Story

The Central Hotel Donegal Town

Reliving Wedding Celebrations Throughout The Decades


The current project with The Central Hotel  Donegal Town will see #DonegalLoveStory search out all couples who held their wedding receptions in the hotel over the past fifty years.

Then invite them back to celebrate and relive their love story at the  Central Hotel Vintage Wedding Celebration event on Saturday June 2nd of the June Bank Holiday weekend.

Within this framework there will be a unique Central Wedding Love Story Exhibition  featuring a collection of treasured wedding artifacts from couples  such as wedding dresses, photographs and other mementos on display, creating a time capsule of love stories and bringing precious memories to life.

This exhibition will also be open all day on the Saturday for all the families to come and view .

There are some great prizes for many  couples and it will be an opportunity for many to look back at precious memories that were made.

I am hoping that we uncover some great romantic stories of couples married for over fifty years, of generations from the one family who celebrated their wedding day in The Central and of family traditions that have been carried through the years.

Storytelling is what we are good at as  a nation, looking back into a distant time where we were different people and had a lifetime of learning and experience ahead of us.

Take time today to remember the stories of your like and if you or someone you know got married in the Central Hotel Donegal town then join them for this truly unmissable anniversary celebration! For more information, to lend us some personal items for the exhibition or to book tickets contact Central Hotel Donegal Town.  weddings@centralhoteldonegal.com

Telephine Central Hotel Donegal Town    074 9721027


If you would like to use #DonegalMarketingStory in your marketing campaign contact Evelyn on 087 2246989.












Launch Your #DonegalMarketingWow For Free


Evelyn Mc Marketing delivering recent marketing workshop to Donegal Women in Business Network       Photo Credit Donegal Woman

Hello from evelynmcmarketing.com,

As you can see I haven’t written a blog in a while, I have been distracted from writing by other things  .

There’s always so much else to do, or that you think you have to do, but I am really going to try and blog a lot more this year. With #DonegalLoveStory and donegalmammy.com there are plenty of reasons for me to keep writing.

Recently, I gave a talk to an amazing group of women from Donegal Women in Business Network (If you are not a member you MUST join) and where I spoke about how even in business everyone looks like they are successful and on top of things, even if it’s not the case.

Their Instagram and other social media posts scream success following the beautiful colour schemes and styles of the day, their podcasts and videos are always excellent quality and I swear they must have been in the hairdressers and beauticians for hours to prepare for the camera.

I admire them, I respect them, but so many of us will never be them and that’s ok! Stop beating yourselves up and thinking that’s how you should be marketing your business.

Back to the talk, I read the words of Gloria Gaynor’s 1984 song ‘I am what I am’ and these words resonated with everyone.


“It’s my world that I want to have a little pride in
My world and it’s not a place I have to hide in
Life’s not worth a damn
‘Til you can say I am what I am”

Gloria Gaynor      I Am What I Am       1984


So even in your marketing and business, do what you feel suits your brand and personality, be authentic, be honest and most importantly be you!

Ignore the inner voice that says you are unworthy, undeserving  and a business imposter. People buy from other people, and they will know when you are not being true to what you are.

So, I have come up with a way  to help and support your  marketing efforts in your business.

Read on!


Business is like going on holiday; you do the research, plan it all out, get there and then you spend time ‘promoting’ it all on your Snapchat and social media to your friends back home. After a while unless you do something really wow they will get bored with your constant feed of sandy beaches and cocktails by the pool.

They want to see you jump out of a plane or scuba dive or a video of you bungee jumping off a cliff. Then they go “wow“.

So just like that, go plan some #DonegalMarketingWow in your business today and let me know about it. You can tag me or email me your wow and I will share and promote your marketing antics to everyone in my networks.  That’s quite a lot of people between Donegal MammyDonegal Women in Business Network and Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce and Networking Donegal.

If you are struggling to find your WOW – I can help you find it! Get in touch today.


Evelyn Mc Marketing Motivational and Planning Workshops


Evelyn Mc Marketing can help with digital marketing, setting up your social media accounts, writing a blog or just supporting your business and helping you put a plan together in one of my 1-1 2 hour mindmapping workshops that look at where you are going and how to get there.

Stop second guessing yourself, just do it, learn from others but be your very own self and always be who you are.


Contact Evelyn    087 2246989






Meet Kieran – ETB Work Placement With Evelyn Mc Marketing

My First Ever Blog – Meet Kieran.


Kieran Blockley ETB work placement student, currently with Evelyn Mc Marketing


Hi there, my name is Kieran Blockley and welcome to my first ever blog post!

I’m not used to talking about myself much, so take it easy on me while you are reading this.

I am 21 years old, son to an Irish born mother and an English born father, born in Birmingham, England and moved to Letterkenny, Co. Donegal with my family when I was 7.

From there I went to primary school at St. Patricks Lurgybrack, secondary school at St. Eunans Collage and completed an IT & Business course at the National Learning Network with ETB

In March this year I began a Digital Sales and Marketing course, this course runs for 45 weeks and one of the requirements is to go on work placement with a business, so we can put our training into practice.

I started my work placement with Evelyn Mc Marketing where she began to teach me lots of useful tips and important lessons in the world of marketing from day one.

As I enjoy doing things like video and image creation and editing, Evelyn had me create different graphics for her clients such as for Donegal Mammy as shown below.  Evelyn showed me how to create content through social media, by engagement of  Donegal Mammy followers. Asking for favourite and common sayings that mammy in the county say and we then designed graphics to use on all social media platforms..


Donegal Mammy

My time with Evelyn so far has been invaluable in terms of experience in the world of real life marketing and  with her permission (!) I have compiled some of her Top Tips that I would like to share with you today.


Top Tip 1: Always record what you learn.  Pen/paper, digital diary, whatever you use, make a record of what you learn every day… Who knows when you might need those notes or adapt an idea from something you have learnt.

Top Tip 2:  Rest is for another time….. To be honest she never actually said this to me but the way she is always so busy, I believe that’s something she would tell me. I am still waiting on when the “other time” is..

Top Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to fail. This is personally my favourite tip as it is something that holds a lot of ideas back from ever seeing the light of day.    One of the best ways to learn is through trial and error, seeing something doesn’t work, learning from it and trying again.

Top Tip 4: Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new and widen your skill range. I can really relate to this, as one day I hope  to  get a job in Digital Marketing.  Evelyn believes it is  important to be creative and make an effort, with so much digital information there is no excuse not to learn . The amount of links she has sent me would fill an entire blog post!

Top Tip 5:  NETWORK – Evelyn has taught me to connect and network with people all the time. You do business with people, so connect and learn from them. Both on social media and through networking groups, Evelyn is constantly networking and is the PRO of  Donegal Women in Business Network  

She also plans to introduce me to Toni from Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce and Michael from Networking Donegal. (I have just created  a LinkedIn account to add to this blog as Evelyn says I need to network more online and get my personal brand out there!)

So that’s it, I am with Evelyn for another few weeks. I am enjoying the placement and really learning as I go along.  I hope to create a video before I finish up so maybe I will come back to you and let you know how that goes.

Thanks for reading my first ever blog. Blogging is really much easier than I thought it would be. Evelyn thinks I should go and set up my own blog.. any ideas what I should start blogging about?



Contact me here LinkedIn

Contact Evelyn here www.evelynmcmarketing.com

How To Start Selling Clothes on E Bay – Sarah The Interns First Ever Blog!


Sarah Sweeney spent some time with Evelyn Mc Marketing during the Summer having some marketing fun.





Hi, my name is Sarah Sweeney. I’m a 20 year old university student living in Belfast. I’m going into my 2nd year studying Communication Management and Public Relations at Ulster University. This Summer I’ve been spending some time  with Evelyn   http://www.evelynmcmarketing.com   and learning a lot about the world of marketing and PR.

Evelyn asked me to write a blog on any subject I wanted… so here goes…I have sold clothes online in the past on eBay so I hope this is of some help to some of you out there.


At the beginning of 2017 I was de cluttering and not knowing where to start, now eight months later I’m going out and buying stuff from charity shops to resell. Once you get started eBay quickly becomes easy to use and is a great tool for selling new or worn clothes. If you’re interested in making some extra money by opening up an eBay store, here are some guidelines to help you on your way.


  1. The clear-out

Before we can start looking at the online side of things, first we have to look at your wardrobe. The thought of clearing out can be daunting, and I’m not going to lie it can be time consuming. Don’t be afraid to start small, take one piece from your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore and wouldn’t mind selling. Next, take a few pictures of the item in good lighting and with a background that isn’t distracting. Once you have your pictures, you’re ready to go.


  1. Creating your account

You have the option of going through ebay.ie or ebay.co.uk, I personally use the UK version as it helps me avoid expensive shipping prices. Also, using the UK version allows you to list items via the eBay app on your phone.

The signing up process is fairly straight-forward, the only thing that may give you pause is creating a name for your eBay store. On eBay the usernames can be as random as  you get, and it generally doesn’t affect your sales. However if in the future you decided you wanted to make it a business, a memorable name is important. Don’t stress too much at this step because you can change it later (even every 30 days if you can’t make up your mind!)


  1. Listing your first item

After clicking on sell, the first question eBay will ask you is what exactly you are selling, this will be the title of your listing. It’s good to be descriptive here in order for people to find your listing, but don’t go into too much detail as you will have the option to do that later.

After clicking on the ‘Start selling button’, it will ask you to select a category. A list of suggested categories show up, so you can easily find what one you want your listing under. The next step after this is adding details to your listing, it gives you options to be as specific as the material and exact length of the item although it is not essential to fill in every detail.



It will ask you whether you want to do ‘Auction’ or ‘Buy it Now’ format. Buy it Now allows you to set a price and users can instantly buy it, whereas the Auction lets users bid for a set number of days. Lastly it asks you to fill in your payment details so that you can get paid if the items sells.

  1. Feedback

If you buy an item on eBay, you have the option to send feedback on the item for the speed of delivery, and seller communication etc. The seller also has the option to feedback the person who buys the item. It represents your reputation on the website, and people are more likely to buy an item from someone who has good feedback. Sometimes people decide not to leave feedback, but ensuring you post on time and communicating with the buyer can remind the buyer to leave a comment.


  1. Postage & eBay fees

You set the postage for your item so it is important to set the right price. Price guides are available in Post Offices, you can weigh your item and see how much it will cost to post.

Postage supplies are inexpensive, envelopes can be bought in stationery shops or discount stores. Write the address on the envelope and bring it into the Post Office, and then you’re done! Also keep in mind that eBay takes a small percentage of the final cost of the sold item. There are also some features such as setting your auction price above €5, but eBay clearly states before you list so you won’t be out any money.

If the online ventures aren’t for you, there’s always getting organised to have a car boots sale. You may decide selling is not for you and donate your unused clothes to a local charity shop, or you may enjoy selling so much that you decide to start your own online business. Either way it’s a way to have a tidier wardrobe and have extra space for new buys…maybe with some bargains from eBay!

Huge thanks to Evelyn Mc Glynn from Evelyn Mc Marketing for giving me the opportunity this summer to experience real life marketing and I learned lots on digital marketing in Donegal and old school marketing and how important networking is. I also got to learn all about The Donegal Women in Business Network and what a great networking group they are.





Shannon’s Farewell to Work Placement with Evelyn Mc Marketing

Hello everyone, Shannon Thackrah- Evelyn’s 3rd year Digital Marketing work placement student from IT Sligo, here to tell you about my marketing work experience I had with Evelyn Mc Marketing.

Unfortunately my time with Evelyn has come to a close- where did the time go?! I was on work placement with Evelyn from the end of January until now and honestly the time flew by. I am amazed at how much we managed to achieve together during my marketing placement time and how beneficial this work placement has been to me.

Over the course of my work placement I learned new skills, put my existing skills into practise in real life situations and also was able to develop personal skills such as networking and becoming more self-confident in myself and my abilities as a marketer.

One thing I loved about my placement with Evelyn was how energetic she was and how infectious her enthusiasm, about every project is. We would come up with an idea and she would already be so excited that it was hard not to also be excited and looking forward to carrying the project out.

Work placement with Evelyn was also great for networking. I got to go to so many events and meet so many wonderful and inspiring business and marketing people and talk to them about their industry and marketing. I really loved going to the Donegal Women In Business events too as there was such a wonderful positive and encouraging atmosphere and everyone was so interesting to talk to.

Reveal The Teen Launch

One of the biggest accomplishments of my work placement was definitely the Reveal The Teen project which I was involved in with Evelyn’s two other work experience students; Claire and Joanna. Reveal the Teen was such an interesting and exciting project to be a part of and I got to be involved in so many different methods of market research and marketing. Through Reveal the Teen, I achieved the following;

  • Created a brand and unique hashtag #RevealtheTeen
  • Created Social Media content
  • Designed logo’s and social media branding
  • Survey market research
  • Held a focus group with teenagers from Donegal
  • Correlated the data and results into meaningful information
  • Designed infographics to display the information in a visual way
  • Wrote a report on the Reveal The Teen findings
  • Press Release for the project
  • Presented the findings of the project in a PowerPoint presentation in the Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce

Phew! What a great project to have been a part of and it feels amazing to think we achieved so much in such little amount of time.

Also as part of my work placement I was able to build upon my graphic design and Photoshop skills. These were crucial in most stages of my placement but especially when designing content for some clients and especially the Reveal The Teen project. Another area I was able to build upon was my web design and general website knowledge and skills. Both of those areas were areas that prior to the placement I felt were not very developed but now after having built upon those skills I feel wholly confident that I am capable in those areas now!

It was also great to develop my social and blog content creation skills as I was able to suggest social media post ideas and was able to write a few blog posts for Evelyn’s site (such as Reveal the Teen and Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Tools) which I really enjoyed doing.

Evelyn Mc Marketing reveal the teen

Evelyn is also an incredibly warm, bubbly and friendly person. I felt so welcomed and never felt stupid asking for Evelyn to explain anything I did not understand. I highly recommend any third level marketing or business students to look for placement with Evelyn, not only will you gain great marketing and public relations experience in a multitude of areas and meet great business people at networking events but you will also have lots of fun and enjoy it!


5 Free Digital Tools For Your Marketing Toolbox

Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Tools


There are so many online and free digital marketing tools today that it can be hard to sort the really good from the overly complicated.

So today I am going to share just 5 of my favourite tools that add value to my content creation and do not cost an arm and a leg.

Pixabay Logo

Pixabay is an under-hyped treasure! Pixabay allows you to search and find the perfect image you are looking for from thousands of royalty free, free to use images that are perfect for a multitude of uses. From using sunset photos to add quotes to for your next Instagram post to finding other photos to use in your website and physical marketing tools such as leaflets.

Pixabay is easy to use, fuss free and doesn’t cost anything. Highly recommend.

Survey Monkey logo

Survey Monkey is a tool some of you may already be familiar with as it is very popular but I think it is still such a valuable resource. I used it recently with Reveal The Teen and on my Donegal Mammy facebook page.

Survey Monkey allows you to create a survey for free and can be printed or distributed online. It also allows you to monitor the results and correlates the returning data into meaningful results. Although you can make a paid account with Survey Monkey if you so wish, you can use a free account to access selected theme, layout ideas and up to 10 questions in your survey.



Canva has become increasingly popular with marketers as of late. The website allows you to sign up for free and create beautiful and professional looking graphics for a huge array of sources. The site has a stock of free images and layouts to use, as well as stored font types and layouts you can choose to suit your intended media, e.g Facebook post, business card, logo sizing,etc.

You can also upload your own images to add to graphics. Canva is a really easy to use and fun site for making great graphics. Evelyn Mc Marketing is a fan!


Mailchimp logo

Mailchimp is a great and easy to use online service which makes email marketing a breeze! You can sign up for free and import lists of contacts into groups which you can then make custom emails for your contacts using free and simple to use templates that look professional and clean. When you sign up for a free account, the features you receive are; having up to 2,000 subscribers across all lists in your account, sending up to 12,000 emails per month and in any 24-hour period, you can send up to 2,000 emails.

Although you can sign up for a paid account to unlock all available features, the features available with a free account are pretty great.


Place It Logo


This is also an “under the radar” tool that I feel more people should be using in their marketing materials. Place It is a site that allows you to create mock up photos of your materials on a number of different devices such as iPhone, computer screens etc to TV and T shirts by aid of simple to use templates.

You just drag and drop your image onto the desired media and you are ready to go- no photo-shop skills needed and completely free!


So that is my top 5 free digital marketing online tools that I think all marketers should have in their marketing toolbox!. Hopefully you find this useful.


Contact me if you need any help with social media content creation, marketing advice or motivation to get your business growing!


Find me on;



My Website

Evelyn Mc Marketing & Reveal The Teens Mean Business

Reveal the Teen market research report into the retail and social trends of teenagers living in Donegal has just been launched!

Access the PDF Report here: Reveal The Teen Market Research Report

Evelyn Mc Marketing and her work placement students:   Shannon Thackrah: Sligo IT    Joanna McMonagle: Loreto College Letterkenny   Claire McGettigan: Loreto College Letterkenny


  • A brand – Reveal The Teen
  • Designed logo
  • Set up social media platforms to promote it from
  • Survey Monkey online market research
  • Offline surveys
  • Gathered material from a teen focus group
  • Created a hashtag for the project #revealtheteen
  • Collated the information gathered
  • Designed info graphics
  • Power point presentation
  • Market research report

and finally

  • Organised launch and presented our findings!

A reasonable amount of  work from Jan 20th until Mid March!

Reveal The Teen Launch

Reveal The Teen LaunchReveal The Teen Launch
Download the report at the link here and enjoy the findings… get in touch with any queries you have.
We greatly appreciated the help and support of Toni in The Chamber of commerce Letterkenny and Shop LK  . 
There is a  possibility A Reveal The Teen shopping campaign could happen in Letterkenny  later this year.
The team are also researching the viability of a teen social event and the possibility of  Reveal The Teen Summer business workshops, to help educate teens on business, leadership skills and financial know how.
Any business interested in any of these ideas, please contact Evelyn on:
087 2246989.
Hope you enjoyed our Reveal The Teen report!
Shannon, Claire, Joanna & Evelyn.
Reveal The Teen Launch

Transition Year Work Experience – We Built A Brand!

Foreword from Evelyn

This blog was written by my Transition year work experience students Claire and Joanna as a follow on to Shannon’s blog a few weeks ago about our #revealtheteen project. Looking at the retail and social trends of teenagers in Donegal. The launch is next Thursday 23rd March in The Chamber of Commerce offices Letterkenny. Enjoy the following read.. written as a 16 year old would talk to you! I have learned so much from my three work placement students this year, Joanna and Claire form Loreto college Letterkenny and Shannon from Sligo IT.
They are a breath of fresh air and what they know about social media, technology and the life they live.. well, it was an honour and an education to share my time with them.

We hope you can join us at the launch…



We are Claire and Joanna talking about Reveal The Teen . We have been working on Reveal The Teen project since January when we started our work experience with Evelyn here in evelynmcmarketing,com .

The main aim of this project was to find out where teenagers shopped and socialised in Donegal. We also wanted to see if we could make any improvements for teenagers social life and give them a voice

First things first we got the Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce  on board .. Toni was eager to help us out.  ( We never knew what the Chamber was all about until then).

Next we developed a survey to be given to any teenagers who wanted to take part . (First time to learn about Survey Monkey too!)

We made the survey available on Instagram and Facebook and was also given to two of the local secondary schools.

From there the whole thing blew up!!

Next Rachel from Donegal woman interviewed us for the ins and outs of the project . Also that day we had an interview with the Donegal Democrat which appeared the following week.


Highland Radio caught wind of the project and the following day Shaun Doherty invited us on to the show . This was so nerve racking but got the brand out there . (First time on radio for us.. we felt like celebs!)

The survey results and messages started to pile in and we began to enter the survey into spreadsheets where Shannon would put it into info graphics. ( Another new thing we learned about!)

The response was amazing, we were shocked about the amount of people who were interested and took part in it .


Last Thursday we had a focus group where 8 different students from throughout Donegal took part in a focus group where we obtained a substantial amount of information which was so helpful for the making  of our report .

We are now preparing for the launch of the  Reveal The Teen report which is on Thursday the 23rd of March at the Chamber of Commerce office Letterkenny, where EVERYONE is welcome . We have invited friends,family and local business to attend.

We really hope you can make it too…

With Evelyn we had created a brand  ” Reveal The Teen” ,  social media platforms to promote the message on, market research, focus group feedback , now we are planning a launch and a report! Not a bad work experience project… you could say we learned a lot!

Claire & Joanna

To contact us or for further details check out the facebook event link for the launch

Reveal The Teen

Evelyn Mc Marketing reveal the teen

Hi everyone! My name is Shannon Thackrah, a digital marketing student from IT Sligo and book blogger  currently on work placement with Evelyn, and I am here today to tell you about a very exciting project currently underway- Reveal the Teen!

This project came about as Evelyn also has two Transition Year students from Loreto College Letterkenny with her on work experience until May and she wanted to devise a project for us all to work on together as part of a team.

Claire McGettigan and Joanna McMonagle (the  two TY students) and Evelyn set about ideas for a project  and #revealtheteen was born.

Both Claire and Joanna noticed that there was a definite lack of choice of activity for people and teens their age in Donegal. They began to wonder what other teens thought of the services that were available in the county, how did they spend their time? Claire and  Joanna worked together with Evelyn to expand on their idea and create the brand Reveal The Teen.

Evelyn Mc Marketing reveal the teen

But what is Reveal The Teen? Reveal The Teen is a market research brand that is hoping to gain insight into how teenagers in Donegal shop, what their relationship is with money, their purchasing power and the ways they spend their time. As a team we  decided that the best way to find out this information would be by going out and directly asking teens! With Evelyn we created a survey, which can be taken here and carried out both online and physical offline surveys of teens. Social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram were created, which I helped with design of graphics and logo’s, to target teens on those social media platforms.

Rachel Donegal Woman

With large engagement so far on both social media accounts, we have also been spreading the message of Reveal the Teen online when Rachel from Donegal Woman interviewed Claire and Joanna  and then they were invited to talk with Shaun Doherty on his show on Highland Radio. The girls also appeared in local newspaper and Toni from the Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce supported the project by offering #shopLK vouchers as a  prize to one lucky person who completes the survey.

Evelyn Mc Marketing reveal the teen

I was completely taken by the idea of this project because of how unique and interesting it is. I’ve loved being a part of the project so far and cannot wait to continue to work on it and see the final results.  I will be responsible for collating all the details from the survey into a report and producing info-graphics to present at the official launch in March. I think it is brilliant to have a team of such engaging and motivated business minded women working on this project. With big buzz already surrounding the Reveal The Teen project, Claire Mc Gettigan, Joanna Mc Monagle, Evelyn Mc Glynn and I are all very excited to see the results and share them with you all!


If you would like to find out more about Reveal the Teen or see some of the online content for the project, follow Reveal The Teen on Facebook and Instagram.

Evelyn Mc Marketing reveal the teen

New Book What To Do With Kids In Donegal This Summer

Top Things To Do With Kids This Summer in Donegal and On The Wild Atlantic Way – The answer is here!

New Book local guide to Donegal told by local school children
New Book local guide to Donegal told by local school children

Evelyn  from   Evelyn Mc Marketing and Crafty Kids are about to launch the very first Crafty Kids Guide To Donegal and The Wild Atlantic Way a very special visitors guide for locals and those visiting the county. It’s a  VERY special guide book as it has been told through the stories and drawings of local school children in the county.  They tell it as they know it! Where do you take children for a day out in Donegal? What are the best beaches to visit in Donegal? Fun things to do with Kids on The Wild Atlantic Way.

Iain Miller Donegal’s answer to Bear Grylls gave us the low down on where to find secret beaches in Donegal and how to go about rock climbing in Donegal and what it’s like to live on The Wild Atlantic Way, Donegal Tourism and Failte Ireland  feature in it too and you can find out all about how to download the Wild Atlantic Way app.  To find out more and to reserve your copy of Crafty Kids Guide To Donegal and The Wild Atlantic Way visit the facebook page and start planning what to do with children in Donegal this Summer. Ruth Graham loves creating and she helped all the children turn their stories and drawings into a book. We really hope you LOVE it…

Things to do in Donegal with children New Book
Things to do in Donegal with children New Book