Donegal Mammy

Donegal Mammy
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Meet Donegal Mammy, the larger than life superhero who lives in all of us!

Since she showed up in 2015, she has transformed into an online social community where different women going through different phases of motherhood, can connect, share their stories, talk about their mammy.

She can be found in many places online including, on Facebook, The Donegal Mammy Club, on Twitter and even on Instagram.

Whether you want to make new friends and plan social events or discuss important topics like parenting, fashion, health issues or food  Donegal Mammy wants you to connect.

Coming Soon

There are lots of exciting plans and projects throughout the year so if you have any wild ideas or would like to connect please get in touch today.

And she doesn’t come alone, watch out for Donegal Daddy and Donegal Granny who are hot on her heels!


Donegal Mammy would also like to welcome anyone who wishes to write a guest blog for the page, this is a simple 200 word little story on any topic you want to write about.

Dont worry you don’t know how to blog , its simple, just tell your story that’s is… she will do the rest.

This fun loving social Irish Mammy also loves company and welcomes everyone into her world, so make sure you join the Donegal Mammy Club today.

Donegal Mammy - Platform for women of all ages and all stages