Celebrating Donegal Love Story Wedding Memories


What is Donegal Love Story all about?

Donegal Love Story is a unique idea based on Evelyn’s own experience.

Having got married in The Central Hotel Donegal over 31 years ago I felt it would be a unique  idea to host an event where our wedding reception was held – relive the memories of another time . Display mementos and nostalgic items from wedding days of the the past not just for me but other brides and grooms who held their wedding reception in the hotel.

No event of its type had been held in the North West before and so the first Donegal Love Story event was held in The Central Hotel in June 2018 , 20  brides and grooms  with their families and friends returned for a night of nostalgia and celebrating the memories of the past.

Drinks reception on arrival and a buffet style dinner were served and dancing continued late into the night with the “bridal parties”.

An exhibition of wedding dresses, wedding albums and mementos from each couples special day were displayed and the atmosphere was truly  filled with romance and a night out for everyone to remember.


One of the grooms actually proposed again to his beautiful wife of many years.  Each couple got the opportunity to say a few words and talk about their special wedding day memories and received a personalised certificate to commemorate the event..


There were a few couples on the night who were over 50 years married and their families expressed gratitude that they could relive the happy memories with their parents, some of these stories and memories they had never been aware of  in the past.



Donegal Love Story



Donegal Love story celebrating over 50 years of marriage


















Why host a Donegal Love Story event in your hotel?

  • Opportunity to thank and celebrate with your previous brides and grooms the nostalgia and memories of their special day.
  • Add to the story of your hotel, share through media and create content for your social media accounts.
  • Through testimonials, video and reviews of the event your hotel will attract attention from romantics everywhere!
  • Highlight what you already offer –  create awareness of your wedding offerings throughout the years to the present day.
  • Promote your special wedding day package offerings.
  • Introduce future celebratory  events for  all your wedding couples, especially the brides and grooms of yesteryear.
  • Each Donegal Love Story can be unique to your venue- celebrate in your own unique style!


What can Evelyn Mc Marketing do to help?

As the creator of Donegal Love Story ,  a marketing consultant and a romantic at heart, Evelyn  will share her unique idea and  work with your team to highlight and host a unique event to your specific venue.

Offering marketing and event management support to you and your team, both on and off line , writing the story, liaising with your bridal couples and  working with you throughout the event in your venue.

That includes helping you to collate and display the nostalgic wedding mementos on the night , plus following through on PR and social media exposure after the event.



Not just about weddings, Donegal Love Story will be developed through branding and web site / social media /blog etc in the future to promote love of person, place, experiences  and Donegal as a destination. Celebrating everyone’s unique love story with the county of Donegal and its people.

From the wedding perspective, each individual venue produces their own take on the Donegal Love Story theme with the backing and support of Evelyn Mc Marketing and the concept that has been created.

Inviting your prior brides, grooms and bridal parties to participate in  an anniversary love story celebration, unique to your venue .

Thanking those couples for choosing your hotel for their original celebrations and creating a new modern day story.




 Memories from the Past, Present and Future

Weddings, People, Places, Experiences….



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Thanks to Gabrielle’s Diary for the use of some of her photos and to all the brides and grooms at our very first Donegal Love Story event for allowing me to share their story. Also huge thanks to Elaine McInaw who celebrated the very first Donegal Love Story in her venue, The Central Hotel Donegal town.

A Donegal Love Story



Donegal Love Story Celebrating Central Hotel Wedding Love Stories Over The Past 50 Years

Donegal Love Story

Marketing for Evelyn Mc Marketing begins with a great story.

Then the actual telling of that story, while adding in some creativity and magic. Being brave is important too in marketing in knowing everyone will see what you do and that you have confidence in what you create.

Even if others don’t value it, maybe even scoff at your ideas (!), YOU know the story deserves to be told and can fit into a marketing campaign or even that you can create a marketing campaign around it.

Today I am telling a personal story, I have created a marketing campaign around that story and I believe that many others just like me will benefit from looking back and reliving old memories.

Over thirty years ago my husband and I got married in The Central Hotel Donegal town, both of us being from the county, we choose The Central as the location to welcome our family and friends  to join us, begin our future life together.


Evelyn Mc Marketing a Central Hotel bride over 30 years ago

Through my recent years in marketing and promotion, I knew that the idea of reaching out to this group of married couples would be a very unique campaign.

There were many couples just like us who got married over the years and who would like to relive the occasion, return to celebrate with family and friends and so I approached Elaine McInaw the Marketing Manager of the hotel and told her about #DonegalLoveStory a new brand that Evelyn Mc Marketing had created.

I had met Elaine through Donegal Women in Business Network.

Initially this brand will be used as a campaign with the Central Hotel and for related services and products in the wedding industry, but in the future who knows! It could tell the great love stories of all couples in Donegal or love of county or culture or those who live on foreign shores that want to return to the home of their birth. Their own #DonegalLoveStory

Donegal Love Story Twitter

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A Donegal Love Story

The Central Hotel Donegal Town

Reliving Wedding Celebrations Throughout The Decades


The current project with The Central Hotel  Donegal Town will see #DonegalLoveStory search out all couples who held their wedding receptions in the hotel over the past fifty years.

Then invite them back to celebrate and relive their love story at the  Central Hotel Vintage Wedding Celebration event on Saturday June 2nd of the June Bank Holiday weekend.

Within this framework there will be a unique Central Wedding Love Story Exhibition  featuring a collection of treasured wedding artifacts from couples  such as wedding dresses, photographs and other mementos on display, creating a time capsule of love stories and bringing precious memories to life.

This exhibition will also be open all day on the Saturday for all the families to come and view .

There are some great prizes for many  couples and it will be an opportunity for many to look back at precious memories that were made.

I am hoping that we uncover some great romantic stories of couples married for over fifty years, of generations from the one family who celebrated their wedding day in The Central and of family traditions that have been carried through the years.

Storytelling is what we are good at as  a nation, looking back into a distant time where we were different people and had a lifetime of learning and experience ahead of us.

Take time today to remember the stories of your like and if you or someone you know got married in the Central Hotel Donegal town then join them for this truly unmissable anniversary celebration! For more information, to lend us some personal items for the exhibition or to book tickets contact Central Hotel Donegal Town.  weddings@centralhoteldonegal.com

Telephine Central Hotel Donegal Town    074 9721027


If you would like to use #DonegalMarketingStory in your marketing campaign contact Evelyn on 087 2246989.